Mieke Bakker

Recruitment Manager

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Our rock when it comes to organization, team building and finding talents; with 6 years of experience Mieke proved to be not only knowledgeable and highly qualified but reliable, highly organized and a true team player! It also doesn't hurt that Mieke knows how to make delicious cupcakes (the healthy kind, at least that's what we tell ourselves...)!

Katia Benabdesslam

Sustainability Consultant

Founder & Owner

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As a sustainability consultant, Katia dreams of contributing to our economical and social world by working to create a platform that has our planets’ well being at its core and welcoming to all that want to have a positive impact. However an economist Katia wants to prove with Greenable that by adopting a circular economy with the 3P’S as motto (People -Planet -Profit) there is a place for everyone to gain but fairly, in a thorough and responsible way and with positive socioeconomic impact in the long term.

Thomas van Dam

Financial Manager

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Anyone whom meets Thomas for the first time would say how extremely responsible and caring he is. He isn’t just the numbers guy but thanks to his creative side Thomas has contributed greatly to our team. Thomas diligently focuses on Greenable’s financial health and has a keen ability to monitor high opportunities brilliantly. If you ask Thomas what his big achievement in life is, he would answer that his biggest achievement is his wonderful family.

Irnik Dimitrov

Sustainability & Marketing Consultant

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Irnik originally from Sofia, Bulgaria is one of these gentlemen that is a true citizen of the world. Not only is he a true athlete kicking it at marathons and biathlons all over the world but his sharp mindset combined with his high strategic skills makes him unique and a raw talent! His passion for personal and professional growth helps lead the team and always be 10 steps ahead. As a truly caring and compassionate human Irnik is a bless to have amongst our Greenable team.

Rik Huender

Green Marketing & Communication Intern

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Our youngest ever team member at just 18 years of age from Groningen city in the Netherlands, Rik manages to keep his ground within our dynamic team. Quite creative and smarter than he (strategically)lets on to, he brings calm, stability and a millennial perspective that is extremely valuable.

Aron Huizing

Junior Key Account Manager

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As a young experienced account manager, Aron is truly devoted to his work! Innovation, marketing, sustainability are his passion, this makes Aron being a true partner to our clients an easy task and one he strives perfectly at. Aron is our social guy, always helping around if needed and his music taste definitely puts us on the chill vibe top spot.

Maria Leahu

Green Marketeer & Business Development Strategist

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Originally from Bacău, Maria grew up with a business woman as a mom, a lady whom build up her very successful company from scratch; no wonder that having her as an example, Maria became this talented leader! From a young age excel sheets and financial forecast had no secrets to her, although the marketing, branding and strategic part got more of her liking she exceeds and all that she sets her mind to. Nicknamed lovingly and jokingly Our Mini Boss, Maria Makes sure that Greenables’ expansion happens according to our principles and values; no short cut to transparency and ethical business development.

Walter de Leeuw

Key Account Manager

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Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands Walter is however a true world traveler with experience in Asia and Latin America his experiences are very beneficial to Greenable. His true peoples’ skills makes it easy for Walter to think with our clients and truly identify the best way to help them further in a sustainable manner. Walter’s character makes him ideal for performing under high pressure he is, as we tell him “stress resistant”. With a commercial insight, a customer oriented attitude, a dose of creativity and a great set of communication skills, Walter makes Account managing seem easy!

Dennis Lo

Green Marketeer & Business Development Intern

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Dennis is Dutch with an Asian background and with his curiosity & proactive attitude is refreshing to have within our team. Dennis is quite social, very intuitive and is good at telling a good story! Having an entrepreneurial mindset Dennis is always interested in developing himself daily whether on a personal front or professional. Dennis takes charge and will make sure to walk that extra mile in order to get the job done right. We are also glad with Dennis’ lovely mother and her delicious dumplings we get to taste from time to time!

Damian Martin

Sustainability Consultant

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Our Irish lad Damian managed to combine his love for nature and the great outdoors with his work as a consultant. Damian helps our clients and partners understand the complexities of sustainability. Businesses are facing more and larger challenges every day, however, the organizations that are more resilient are sustainable businesses. By helping organizations change the way in which value is created and preserved, how production is made (more sustainable) and which business models are used Damian helps our clients from A to Z. Cheers!

Jairo Rieder

Green Marketeer & Business Developer

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Jairo is a polyglot, using his innovative mindset and multicultural competencies. He strives to help organizations grow and expand resiliently all while having the 3P's (People, Planet, Profit) in mind. A critical thinker with a high work ethic standard, he strives at pursuing his ambitions all the while thinking of the greater good. An avid athlete, he truly has a high level of self discipline, strong sense of motivation, humility and a high ability to manage stress.

Danut Toma

Green Marketeer & Business Development

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Danny came to the Netherlands from Romania for his Bachelor studies at the university. He is a confident gentleman, and uses his curiosity to constently learn and grow professionally as well as personally. His drive and the ability to stick with a task until completed makes Danny the right guy for business development. Danny is confident but humble and caring. His international perspective allows himself to adapt and blend in regardless of the settings. With his competitiveness and a clear conscious regarding business and how sustainability is key; Danny can satisfy his passion for building businesses, no need to mention that we are thrilled to have a gentleman like him on board!

Henk de Vries

Solar Adviser

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Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands Henk gained professional experience in the past 10 years within the renewable energy sector. As a solar Adviser he provides a consistent framework for analyzing and comparing power system costs and performance across the range of solar technologies and markets, from photo-voltaic systems for governemntal institutions, residential and commercial markets in the BeNeLux.

Ashish Yadav

Sustainability Consultant Intern

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Coming from India, Ashish brings us a fantastic new perspective on sustainability. He strives to excel at his work, truly dedicated to his tasks he has not only eye for detail but never forgets the big picture which makes him the ideal sustainability consultant. Ashish helps clients understand how sustainability still encompasses pragmatic thinking and strategy and ROI and how become more sustainable will create more opportunities. Sustainability is not just a list of concerns and a wake up call to our world and economy now but as a sustainability consultant Ashish helps clients by showing them how implementing the right changes can help clients maximize sustainable opportunities not just for now but in the long term as well and make an organization more resilient in the face of a crisis.