Sustainability reports

Greenable offers information about economic, environmental and social impacts, depending on the field where the business comes from, or the goal it wants to accomplish. Through sustainability reporting, we internalize and improve an organization’s, person’s or business’ commitment to sustainable development.

Why making this report?

Firstly, it highly reduces the risk of having a bad reputation, as long as there is a transparent sustainability report which shows that the company is trying to become green. Secondly, during the last couple of years more and more investors are looking to invest in a future environmentally friendly company as it provides not only a strategy which will heal our planet but also a good profit due to higher margins and fast development. There is no evidence that a firm’s financial performance has an impact on employee’s satisfaction, yet, becoming green positively impacts employee’s morale. Thus, employee morale and satisfaction will steadily increase as most of the latest studies have shown.
A sustainability report is not just a financial data report but a combination of numbers, actions, decisions and learning which will not work the same for everybody. The purpose of reporting is to look from a non-biased perception, what space there is for any given organization or can be created for sustainability. For this we use a three-step program which consists of the 3 M’s:

1. Measurement
2. Materiality
3. Move beyond the report into future decisions

The sustainability report will help you have a tool for:

  • Better risk management;
  • Operational efficiency;
  • Better sustainability impact;
  • A clear idea where to from there.