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    Green marketing (strategies)

    Green marketing or in other words: How to market your sustainable products/services. Green marketing is not just a trend to us, we understand the necessity of it, that is to sell products or services that are less harmful to the environment. Question remains though, how to market and promote such products? Especially when sustainable products or services are often deemed (unrightfully so) “more expensive”. At Greenable we have developed the necessary tools to help you! Our services are adapted to different tier needs; hence we have developed 3 different package offers to help you.

    Matchmaking between organisations and sustainable & circular Tech solutions

    The fast changing environment marked by the corona virus world crisis and geopolitical uncertainties combined with an urgent need to deal with climate change and comply to new European laws in adaptation with the Paris Agreement (Green deal 2030) makes searching for tech solutions that are flattening the climate curve a hot theme.
    We see organisations willing to make the necessary steps into their sustainable journey. However, more often than none they work in “bubbles” unaware of what solutions exist outside of their organisations (industry, sector, country) this leads to lengthy and costly investments in-house to try and find said solution to their challenges; with usually less than satisfying results.
    For tech companies, the challenges are often upscaling their product/services and organisations lacking financial and human capital. By matching these organisations together, they can have a joint value and create a greater business opportunity. In order to help go through the entire process is Greenable, helping both parties unleash their potential and closing the gap.

    Regional, National & European funding/grants/calls trajectories

    The European Union has set in places different funds and calls instruments in order create and accelerate socio-economical opportunities for European organisations and strengthen cooperation through various European member states.
    Our role at Greenable, is to support you through the different stages of funding. We first evaluate the funding needs, identify the possible available funds, assess, assistance in developing the project proposal and possible consortium, full support in the application procedure in order to attract the necessary funding.

    Sustainability reporting & audit

    Disclosing relevant information to key stakeholders, such as ESG risks and opportunities is not enough any-more. In fact, starting 2023 and onwards all large organisations will be expected to report on sustainability policies and performances. The 2021 European Commission’s proposed Directive of Corporate Sustainability Reporting will then be in full implementation.
    Meaning that all large suborganisations will be mandatory reporting on environmental and social impact of business activities, as well as independent assurance on the information presented. We do understand that for organisations such Directives can present (new)challenges and thus we assist such organisations on understanding what these directive(s) concretely means to them, how to process it, report it and what it it means for their organisation moving forward.

    Public speaking

    For Greenable, sustainability is the right balance between Planet, People and Profit. It’s useful, it’s beautiful and, most importantly, it’s fundamental. Smart sustainability is our foundation. It continually informs, tests, measures, re-evaluates, to see if we can be more environmentally conscious tomorrow than we are today. However, because of our experience in the field, we are aware of how this word can be misleading and provoke scepticism or even conflict in many ways, including economically. Since we believe that sharing and spreading knowledge is part of the solution, Greenable has been and continues to use public (e)speaking as a tool to generate awareness, interest, transmit knowledge and help different organizations word what the 3P’s (People, Planet, Profit) mean to them and its positive social economical impact.

    Extra Services

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