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    Green marketing

    Contrary to popular beliefs, green marketing is not just about protecting the environment by promoting eco-friendly products and/or services. It is also about how to sell them so that they are beneficial and make the most profit in a sustainable way. To meet the demands of our clients, the Greenable team has created 3 packages from which you can choose in order to increase your revenue, gain a competitive advantage and, last but not least, become a citizen of the world.

    Sustainability consultants

    Our consultants work nationally and internationally to help individuals as well as any type of organization through advice, tools and facilitation, to help our clients achieve their sustainability ambitions and measure their impact.
    By empowering our clients, we strive for a long-term sustainable relationship.

    Our rates vary per hour or per project(s):

    • 125, – € * per hour (*excl. VAT)

    Sustainability check

    Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Society in general, as well as governments and consumers, increasingly expect companies and organizations (for-profit/ non-profit) to undertake sustainable (3P’s) and socially responsible (CSR) developments.

    At Greenable we understand numerous questions such as: “What does sustainability mean and how sustainable are we? What are the financial impacts?”, are at the forefront.
    Add to that, supply chain partners asking you about your sustainability credentials and customers demanding eco-friendly products and services and it all becomes more than just complicated.

    With our sustainability scan, we help you gain an in-depth understanding of where to embark on your sustainability journey and with concrete tools (adaptable metrics systems).
    Strategy, advice and guidance will give you the help you need to get there.

    The simple step of gaining basic sustainability knowledge will enable the first actions towards your sustainable goal(s) and target(s). So, if you are a beginner and you need to know whether you are on the right track or want broad and comprehensive sustainability coverage our: Green Quick Scan / Green Basic Scan / Green Premium will improve your sustainability performance.

    Solar advisors & Tech solutions

    Since we are living in the age of Tech solutions and renewable as well as solar energy, together with our partners we have the ambition to inform and advise our EU member states on the importance of contributing to a better environment but also helping to develop sustainable living solutions and/or operating tech facilities/applications.

    Even though high-quality sustainable energy and technology solutions often are thought to go hand in hand with a high price tag, our certified advisors will help you find out which solution(s) fits you best without having to compromise on quality, by offering you the choice between 3 plans.

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    Available in several languages.


    Through Coaching, Greenable helps not only organizations but also the people who form them, to overcome obstacles, push their limits and improve their work efficiency and effectiveness. We are your movable inventory aid, your personal guide for boosting your potential. So as to do this we are working in multiple languages together with various coaches in the sphere of schooling, intercultural collaboration, career and life choices. Rely on us to assist you in understanding the human resources of your organization better, use its strengths as opportunities, work on its weaknesses and build overall satisfaction.
    Furthermore, for ideas or reassuring on measures already taken, contact our team and take the first step to the journey towards maximizing your sustainable transformation and achieve greater results within your working process.

    Public speaking

    For Greenable, sustainability is the right balance between Planet, People and Profit. It’s useful, it’s beautiful and, most importantly, it’s fundamental. Smart sustainability is our foundation. It continually informs, tests, measures, re-evaluates, to see if we can be more environmentally conscious tomorrow than we are today. However, because of our experience in the field, we are aware of how this word can be misleading and provoke skepticism or even conflict in many ways, including economically. Since we believe that sharing and spreading knowledge is part of the life values that people should have, Greenable has been and continues to use public speaking as a tool to generate interest, transmit knowledge and help different organizations improve their speaking skills and defend causes they believe in.

    Extra Services

    Check out Sustainable Transformers