Public Speaking

Public Speaking

For Greenable, sustainability is the right balance between Planet, People and Profit. It’s useful, it’s beautiful and, most importantly, it’s fundamental. Smart sustainability is our foundation. It continually informs, tests, measures, re-evaluates, to see if we can be more environmentally conscious tomorrow than we are today. However, because of our experience in the field, we are aware of how this word can be misleading and provoke skepticism or even conflict in many ways, including economically. Since we believe that sharing and spreading knowledge is part of the life values that people should have, Greenable has been and continues to use public speaking as a tool to generate interest, transmit knowledge and help different organizations improve their speaking skills and defend causes they believe in.

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Public speaking is a presentation that is offered live, in front of an audience, usually by using visual aids which makes them more interesting to the listeners. Over the past years, public speaking has played an essential role in education, government and business fields. We all have the power to inform, educate, persuade and entertain the others, but knowing how to do it professionally, is most of the times difficult.

What we do in this sense is to help our customers overcome their fear of public speaking, which is a common fear among everyone nowadays. Whether you are a student, a business owner, or somebody that is just passionate about speaking in public, it does not matter. What it matters is that we have the right tools to help you improve your speaking skills in front of an audience. Greenable believes that one of the essential values in life is to share and transmit knowledge. This is the reason why we are at this moment collaborating with different companies and schools within The Netherlands, to help them improve the self-confidence, achieve better research & deductive skills and develop the ability to argue for a cause.

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