Sustainability consultant (independent)

As a sustainability consultant, you’ll promote sustainable solutions for the often conflicting needs of people, institutions, development and successful businesses. You’ll help businesses develop an environmental conscience, while simultaneously saving them money by making choices that positively impact the earth and all who live on it.
Your work will involve evaluating the impact a company is having on their environment and then make that impact a positive and efficient one or planning the use of limited resources. You may be involved in all or some stages of a project.


As a sustainability consultant, you’ll work closely with clients to help them measure and then improve their sustainability performance. This could involve looking at:

  • materials used and the waste produced, including pollutants and noise
  • management of energy, water, air and land
  • how a building performs in terms of energy use – how much energy is used for power and temperature regulation, and how this energy can be recycled
  • impact on local communities and eco-systems
  • suppliers and procurement
  • sustainable construction strategies
  • compliance with environmental legislation.

Types of work

Sustainable: Living & Communities
On Location
Sustainable: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
On Location
Sustainable: Food & Beverages
On Location
Sustainable: Construction
On Location


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