Greenable knows that to boost the transition towards a sustainable economy and society; organizations and individuals need fair
and sustainable business environment. However, we know that the word Sustainable itself might create confusion, misunderstandings
or is associated with high costs and risks.
Thus, Greenable by building an international platform for sustainability, figures out with you: What sustainability means to and
for you? We at Greenable ensure that you will be gradually and strategically guided towards your sustainable journey!

As a Sustainability platform, we work with an international in-house team of high skilled individuals; as well as a broad European
network selected to our High standards. This platform system we created allows us to be proactive, time efficient, flexible and
increase our range of expertise and impact regardless the industry.

We work with each and one of you to achieve sustainability not as a trend but as a core; whether it is a small and medium sized
enterprise, a multinational company, non-governmental and government and civil society organizations.

Getting started

In order to transform organizations or institutions to make them more sustainable with socially just and environmentally sound
business practices; Greenable first checks the sustainability status as this will represent the starting point of your journey
towards a sustainability and circular economy. It is a sustainability baseline tool that assesses your organisations’ current
sustainability performance using an audit focused on the 4 sustainability keys: Environment, Labour, Ethics and Sustainable
We evaluate your company’s current position and compare it with other industry players. Based on the evaluation, you will be
provided with a Sustainability Status Report and more.

Sustainability especially in the wake of 2020 Covid-19 (SARS-II)has become a priority for consumers, who are increasingly on the
lookout for products that are high-quality, affordable AND environmentally-friendly.
When sustainable/Green Marketing is misused (like a trend) it triggers the greenwashing phenomenon, which have terrible
impacts on businesses, their reputation and image. Green issues are often complex and highly technical that is why with our team of
Green Marketeers we help you to bring products and services that are green to begin with on the market. If a product or service is
environmentally-friendly from the ground up, there is no need for green-washing.
As each of us have different goals and expectations, we provide you with our different Green Marketing Pack: Green marketing
Basic, Business and Business Premium.

Our Solar advisers and Sustainable consultants will gladly help you in finding if any state or European subvention is available to you
and more.

Pricing & Billing:

At Greenable, we offer different subscriptions for different users of our platform. For private customers or SMEs to multinationals,
government institutions and NGOs each have different needs; that is why we offer 3 wide pack options for instance: Quick Green Scan,
Green Scan Basic and Green Scan Premium. You can choose between different subscriptions, based on your needs. If you are not
sure what to choose, please do not hesitate and ask for more information on our page.

Yes, of course you can cancel your subscription. If we already billed you, your subscription will end the following month. For more,
do not hesitate to contact us or to use our online chat box for instant response.