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Katia Benabdesslam is the owner & founder of Greenable. She has a high sense of multicultural awareness, as she was born in Paris and raised between The Netherlands and France. Her inspiration was her father, who started as a real estate agent and managed to build up his own successful business as a self-made man. His influence was not just solely based on business but on culture, diversity and languages as well, which highly influenced her to learn 5 different languages during her young age.

Business is something Katia was always attracted to, she loves this field thus she studied international economics, business and management. This drive for internationalization made for travel and living experiences in different countries an enrichment, which would prove valuable professionally. Therefore, her work experience in different companies, which operate in different sectors and industries made Katia flexible and quick to adapt to any environment.

After having built up experience as a marketeer, business coach and consultant for the past 10 years; Katia started building up Greenable with the vision of creating a platform for any organizations that strives to be sustainable.


The Greenable team has accumulated years of experience in marketing, strategy and consulting by helping, understanding and satisfying the customers with hard work and dedication. The Green Team has developed exceptional skills and knowledge about "Green" marketing by closely working with national and international organizations, prestigious institutions and productive NGOs.

Our team is composed of independent contractors, creative freelancers and advising specialists, which allow Greenable to have a customized response capacity and to be as flexible as customers’ demand. Our company has been valued as above the average compared to most marketing and consulting agencies by different entities that the company has worked (or partnered) with. Greenable operates and brings sustainability and confidence to sectors and industries all over the market.

The Green Team, (as we call ourselves) has a unique set of skills and structure that attracts customers as well as partners all over the Netherlands and not only! Each member of the team has an exceptional aptitude that reflects in every project, ranging from being a very proactive leader that can coordinate and guide others, up until being a professional problem solver, who can see the issue and overcome it in no-time. Overall, our team has a unique, adaptive and analytical way of thinking and putting in practice; all members with no exception are committed to each project, having a high motivation and a real team-player mentality.