• What on Earth is Greenable?


    Greenable is an international sustainability platform.
    Proudly based in the Netherlands, the Green team strives to help its clients/partners to truly understand, analyze and effectively apply the tools needed to build a solid but sustainable business because “accountability is everyone’s business”.
    It all started in 2017 when Katia Benabdesslam decided to combine her greatest inspirations: her father’s achievements, her inevitable passion for internationalization and sustainability, with her extraordinary skills as a marketer and consultant.
    However, breaking through the sometimes murky waters of business is a difficult thing to do and, until the official establishment of Greenable in 2018; Katia faced many challenges. As the founder of a Green Marketing & Consulting company focused on sustainability and circularity, Katia struggled to find a suitable and experienced team.

    Due to her dedication to making the world a better place; the team now consists not only of amazing in-house individuals, but also highly professional independent experts, organizations, SME’s, freelancers and technical experts operating across Europe.